The most popular restaurants of 2012

You lot are so predictable.

2012 is almost over, which also means it’s time for a rundown of the most popular restaurants of the past year. As with last year, I’m using a ridiculously unscientific measure – how many people have read each of my reviews.

Starting from the top:

1. Hawksmoor vs Burger and Lobster – lobster roll head-to-head

2. Where to find the best indie burgers in London

3. La Bodega Negra

4. Orchard

5. Pitt Cue

6. Yayla (original review)

7. Which is the best posh burger chain in London?

8. Tonkotsu (original review)

9. Mele e Pere

10. Ten Ten Tei (original review)

There are few surprises here – unsurprisingly you lot love lobster, burgers, barbecue, kebabs, sushi and ramen. It’s heartening to see a ramen restaurant get so much attention – that hearty noodle soup was virtually unknown a year ago. It’s interesting to see Orchard rank so highly – clearly the capital’s vegetarians should be better catered for.

I am pleased to see my review of La Bodega Negra rank scale the charts – both because I love Mexican food and because I seem to have been one of the very few reviewers to dine in the downstairs restaurant as well as the more obvious upstairs diner.

I have no idea why so many of you were keen to read about Mele e Pere though – apart from the decor (which apparently has changed since my review with the weird upstairs lobby replaced by a bar), this was an ultimately unremarkable Italian restaurant. Perhaps it’s a time for a revisit.

It’s been almost two years since I started writing this blog and nearly 240 reviews later I’m still as hungry as ever. Here’s to 2013!


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