Naamyaa Cafe review – Busaba Eathai’s awkward younger brother
★★★☆☆ / Thai and Lao

Naamyaa Cafe review – Busaba Eathai’s awkward younger brother

Alan Yau does it again? London’s restaurant going public can be broadly divided into two camps: those that care about celebrity chefs, brand names and trends and those that don’t. People in the first camp will almost certainly have heard of Alan Yau, the entrepreneur behind Wagamama, Busaba Eathai, Cha Cha Moon, Hakkasan and Yauatcha. … Continue reading

★★☆☆☆ / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Pan-Asian / Thai and Lao / Vietnamese

East Street review – full of Eastern promise or just full of it?

Oxford Street’s East Asian street food smorgasbord With some restaurants, the reasons behind the choice of décor can be inscrutable but that isn’t the case with East Street. East Street is a casual eatery located just off the north edge of Oxford Street and serves up a broad menu of street food from a large … Continue reading

★★★☆☆ / Chinese / Japanese / Thai and Lao / Vietnamese

Kin review – Holborn’s Asian street food hideaway

Jack of all trades but master of none? Following my stiflingly average experience at Banana Tree, I wasn’t enthused about trying another budget pan-Asian eatery but the need for a cheap meal after a hard day’s slog at work prompted me to visit Kin. This new restaurant, located on a side road you probably wouldn’t stumble across, … Continue reading

★★☆☆☆ / Burmese / Thai and Lao / Vietnamese

Banana Tree Wardour Street review – lots of plates all in one place

Disclosure: The Picky Glutton was invited to review this restaurant and the second meal in this review was partially prepaid for by the restaurant in the form of an unsolicited £60 voucher. I paid for the first meal myself. Asia is a small word for a massive continent that technically stretches all the way from … Continue reading

★★★★☆ / Thai and Lao

Busaba Eathai review – have standards slipped?

Is Alan Yau’s Thai chain still serving quality food as it expands relentlessly across London? The Picky Glutton visits a couple of them to find out…  For many Londoners Busaba Eathai needs no introduction. Alan Yau’s series of Thai restaurants are known for their sleek, stylish looks and low prices as much as for their food. What … Continue reading