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Hateful restaurant website of the week – The Wapping Project


It’s a tad cheap and easy to take pot-shots at a restaurant that’s now closed for the second instalment in my occasional series highlighting truly hateful restaurant websites. The website for the now-defunct Wapping Project, which surprisingly is still up, is spectacularly awful though and an masterclass in how not to design a functional website. The address is a scrolling ticker that can’t be copied and pasted. Navigation consists of unmarked arrows that lead to pages full of mysterious Flash videos running on a loop.

the wapping project website

The Wapping Project website

I’m not sure if there was ever a sample menu, a reservations link or a page with opening times as I’d rather gnaw on a rotting parsnip dipped in plague then use this godforsaken website. The Wapping Project also housed an art gallery when it was still open, but that’s no excuse for subjecting the wider public to this patience-sapping monstrosity.

the wapping project food restaurant website

Seriously, what the hell is this?

– The Picky Glutton

2 thoughts on “Hateful restaurant website of the week – The Wapping Project

  1. Nicely written & great photos but don’t you think a bit unfair to review a restaurant that’s in its first soft opening week, that’s not even taking bookings yet.

    Will you revisit & update once they’ve had the chance to find their feet?

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