The top ten most popular London restaurants of 2011

Actually this is a list of the ten most read restaurant reviews here at The Picky Glutton, but that’s a considerably less catchy title.

Naturally, this list is biased towards reviews from earlier on in the year since they have more time to gain popularity. The one startling exception is my review of Meatliqour which was only published on the 28th December. Without further ado, in order of descending popularity:

  1. Kimchee
  2. Yayla
  3. Meatliqour
  4. Barbecoa
  5. Red Dog Saloon
  6. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
  7. Where to find the best Flat White coffee in London
  8. Dishoom (breakfast review)
  9. Gilbert Scott
  10. Ten Ten Tei (first review)
  11. Cay Tre (Dean Street, Soho branch review)

You’ll no doubt have noticed that there are actually eleven entries on that list. Since my Flat White coffee roundup doesn’t actually have much to do with restaurants, I included an eleventh entry to make up for it.

Judging from this list, southeast Asian food, meat, barbecued meat, celebrity chefs, Indian food and coffee are all unsurprisingly popular. Does this mean I’ll only cover restaurants connected to those topics from now on? No, I’ll continue to write about whatever tickles my fancy but it’s nonetheless intriguing to see what tickles other peoples’ fancy too.

Happy New Year!


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