Benihana loses libel lawsuit against blogger over bad review

The Kuwait-branch of international Japanese restaurant chain Benihana sued a local blogger over an unfavourable review back in February. According to UAE news website The National, the Kuwaiti courts have dismissed Benihana’s lawsuit granting victory to the Mark Markhoul, the blogger in question, although the grounds for dismissal weren’t stated in the report.

Although the court made its decision in April, the apparent resolution of this case doesn’t seem to have been as widely reported as its beginning.

Heavy-handed and delusional.

Even more hilarious than the documents Benihana submitted to the court to support its case is Mike Servo, the general manager of Benihana Kuwait, who seems to have a severe case of denial. According to The National, Servo claims that “We never received a final verdict copy from the judge… We cannot say whether [Mr Makhoul] has won or lost.” Perhaps Mr. Servo also believes the world will end on May 21st 2011.


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