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Trois Garçons review – oddball French worth the money?

Is there gastronomic substance beneath all the quirky style? Despite all the stylishly decorated restaurants in London, very few are truly memorable when it comes to looks and Trois Garçons in Shoreditch is one of them. Situated inside a former pub, this French restaurant has a very eclectic style from handbags hanging from the ceiling to … Continue reading

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Morgan M review – from Islington to the City

Fine French food flummoxes financiers? Not really, I just like alliteration. Once established, most restaurants either become well-entrentched or close down – they don’t tend to move. One exception to this rule of thumb is French restaurant Morgan M which has recently relocated from its long-time home in Islington to the even more well-heeled City. … Continue reading

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The Modern (Bar Room) review – a work of art or pretentious and overpriced?

This review of a New York restaurant is a break from The Picky Glutton’s usual London-based coverage. I usually avoid museum restaurants like the plague since they’re usually nothing more than glorified cafeterias serving up overpriced, reheated microwave meals and bland supermarket-quality sandwiches. I made an exception for The Modern, the restaurant at New York’s … Continue reading

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Villandry review – Poor quality and insultingly overpriced

Finding a bad restaurant in London is actually pretty hard. The diabolically bad restaurants don’t survive long in London’s commercially competitive environment and most of us have the good sense to avoid the merely awful ones, such as the tourist traps like the Angus chain of steakhouses. What’s left are the sea of mediocre and … Continue reading