Coming Soon – Hawksmoor Day! Three Meals, Three Hawksmoors in One Day.


I’m a big fan of Hawksmoor, a series of three steakhouses, that serve up some of the best steaks and burgers I have ever had. In a bold attempt at seeing if I have any sense of pacing, moderation, restraint or self-control, I’ll be having each of my three meals in one day at a different Hawksmoor restaurant – Guildhall, Seven Dials and Spitalfields.

I’ll attempt to update this blog shortly after each meal and I’ll be engaging in this beef fest with the help of the Euro Hedgie, my only dining companion who also likes Hawksmoor enough to also risk a meat overdose. If you just can’t wait for me up to update this blog, then follow me on Twitter – I’ll be tweeting as soon as Hawksmoor Day begins.

Meatgasm here I come!

The Picky Glutton


Hawksmoor Day is here!

Part 1 – breakfast at Guildhall

Part 2 – lunch at Seven Dials, Covent Garden

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