Kashmir, Putney review – menu handholding that doesn’t infantilise the diner
★★★★★ / South Asian

Kashmir, Putney review – menu handholding that doesn’t infantilise the diner

Southwest London doesn’t know how lucky it really is Menus may look like an innocuous list of dishes and prices to most people. But, unless they’ve been written on the fly by a sleep-deprived proprietor teetering on the edge of alcoholism, they can be a far more calculated, insidious instrument designed to subtly serve the … Continue reading

★★☆☆☆ / Eclectic / Pan-Asian

Tapasia review – is the food any better than the pun-fully bad name?

Small bites at high prices Update July 2013 – this restaurant has now closed More restaurants than ever are opening in Soho despite the relative scarcity of real estate and Tapasia is one of the newest. This small bar and restaurant, located on bustling Old Compton Street, serves up Asian-inspired tapas which isn’t as strange … Continue reading

★★★★☆ / ★★★☆☆ / Mexican

La Bodega Negra review – Mexican food gets sexy

A Mexican restaurant of two halves As my fellow restaurant blogger 31_75 pointed out recently, in his own inimitable style, there are very few good Mexican restaurants in London. The situation isn’t nearly as bad as it was two decades ago when all we had were horrid Tex-Mex dives like Chiquito, but it’s still far from … Continue reading

★★★★☆ / German/Austrian

Boettners review – old but definitely not fusty

This review of a Munich restaurant is a break from The Picky Glutton’s usual London-based coverage. For most British people, German cuisine means sausages, pretzels and beer. Or perhaps just beer. Although you could certainly gorge on all three to excess when visiting Germany, there’s more to German food than that. Boettners is a Munich … Continue reading

★★★☆☆ / Spanish / Tapas

Barrica review – Tapas invades Goodge Street

Yet another tapas place in Fitzrovia – but is it any good? There’s no shortage of tapas restaurants and bars around Goodge Street in Fitzrovia – some of my favourites include The Salt Yard (sister restaurant of The Opera Tavern) and Fino. For some reason Sue-Ellen inexplicably favours Navarro’s – inexplicable given that restaurant’s consistently … Continue reading

Opera Tavern review – nduja scotch eggs in a revamped West End pub
★★★☆☆ / Spanish / Tapas

Opera Tavern review – nduja scotch eggs in a revamped West End pub

Salt Yard tapas in Covent Garden Updated 14/6/2020 – added details of 2020 meals and updated the Verdict as well as the formatting. Disclosure: I used a publicly available discount for some of my 2020 meals. This discount was available to the general public; as ever I did not seek any special treatment just because … Continue reading