Sushisamba review – sky-high group dining
★★☆☆☆ / Eclectic / Japanese / Sushi/Sashimi

Sushisamba review – sky-high group dining

Glossy, pretty and oh so vacant Tourist guide books often note that London no longer has a high-rise rotating tower restaurant like Berlin’s TV Tower or Toronto’s CN Tower. While thankfully true, this doesn’t mean London is short of skyscraper restaurants – far from it. There are plenty of places where you’re paying more for the … Continue reading

★★★☆☆ / Japanese / Japanese Noodles

Taro review – Cheap Japanese food, but is it cheerful?

Inexpensive and quick. I can’t complain about that. Or can I? Oh God, I hear you cry! Not another review of a Japanese restaurant! Admittedly I enjoy Japanese food much to the detriment of my wallet and the boredom of my less-enthusiastic dining companions, but this will be the last Japanese restaurant review, at least … Continue reading