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Burger Breakout at The Old Crown review – chocolate and quince burgers

Crazy pub burgers near the British Museum Following my rather large roundup of 35 different burgers from 25 different independent eateries, I hadn’t expected to be back on the burger wagon so soon. I was tempted out of my self-imposed burger sabbatical by Burger Breakout, a new residency inside The Old Crown pub which lies … Continue reading

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Red Dog Saloon review – London barbecue redemption in Hoxton?

The Picky Glutton ventures into deepest, darkest Hoxton in search of quality BBQ I have a great fondness for barbecue, but sadly there’s a dire lack of quality American barbecue eateries in London. The vaunted Bodean’s is deeply mediocre while Barbecoa is overpriced, especially for the shockingly variable quality of its food. I have yet … Continue reading

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Hawksmoor Seven Dials Covent Garden review – Sunday brunch in a steakhouse

The best steak and burgers I’ve had in London so far There’s no shortage of steakhouses in London, but many of them are merely OK or just plain pants. One of the best is Hawksmoor which was originally based in Spitalfields, but now has a branch in Covent Garden’s Seven Dials and another outpost due … Continue reading

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Byron review – a chain burger that’s actually good

I’m usually very suspicious of chain restaurants. They either serve up bland, uninteresting food or they’re just plain bad. An exception to this rule of awfulness is Byron, a growing chain of burger restaurants all scattered throughout London. Charlie Brooker at The Guardian has his own inimitable take on burgers and chain restaurants. I’ve been … Continue reading