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Where to get a cheap breakfast in Madrid

Breakfasts in Spain’s capital for around €5 or less If you’re from Britain then travelling in the Eurozone can be quite expensive given the current exchange rate – a disadvantageous €1.13 = £1 at the time of writing. Since this makes chocolate gold coins worth more than sterling on the continent, eating three square meals … Continue reading

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Dean Street Townhouse breakfast review – a hotel breakfast that doesn’t suck?

I’ve detailed my ongoing quest to find a filling, yet gastronomically interesting and inventive breakfast in previous reviews. The latest breakfast place to come to my attention is the Dean Street Townhouse. The Townhouse is actually a small, boutique (i.e. expensive) hotel that also has a bar and dining room that serves all three meals … Continue reading

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Dishoom breakfast review – Breakfast Mumbai-style

Beyond the introduction of cereal bars and the occasional reheated curry from the night before, breakfasts haven’t changed that much over the years. The Jolly Giant, the Lensman, the Flame Haired Squelchie and I have therefore been seeking out the more unusual and inventive breakfasts available in London. The breakfast menu at Alan Yau’s budget-friendly Chinese … Continue reading