Yayla vs Ottoman review – kebab showdown
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Yayla vs Ottoman review – kebab showdown

Green Lanes vs Hammersmith – a forgone conclusion? There’s more to Turkish food than just kebabs, but by gum are they tasty. One of the best London neighbourhoods to visit for Turkish kebabs is Green Lanes, but trekking out to this north London thoroughfare isn’t always convenient – especially if you live further south. I … Continue reading

★★★★★ / Turkish / Turkish Kebabs

Yayla review – Kebab redemption on Green Lanes

Kebabs have an undeservedly bad reputation in Britain for being greasy gut liners suitable only for soaking up alcohol during the course of a weekend bender. This view would almost certainly change if only more people visited the Turkish restaurants of Green Lanes in northern London. Green Lanes is a road occupied mostly by businesses … Continue reading