Jugemu review – Soho izakaya flies solo
★★★★☆ / Japanese / Japanese Noodles / Sushi/Sashimi

Jugemu review – Soho izakaya flies solo

Uniquely Japanese in more ways than one Eccentric cultural institutions usually lose something in translation when they’re transplanted outside of their home country. Monster truck rallies, Eccles cakes and Viz magazine are prime examples. The izakaya is another. A Japanese staple, these bar-cum-restaurants are often translated as pubs or gastropubs, but none of those names really quite fit as izakayas are subtly different … Continue reading

★★★★☆ / ★☆☆☆☆ / Japanese / Sushi/Sashimi

Yoobi vs Ten Ten Tei review – hand-to-hand sushi combat

Just roll with it For most people sushi either means nigiri or maki rolls, but there’s another type – temaki sushi. Here, a large sheet of nori seaweed is wrapped into a cone and then filled with fish, rice and other ingredients. Although the Lensman isn’t a fan of temaki sushi, I’ll happily gobble up … Continue reading