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Gelonch review – Barcelona’s best kept secret

This review of a Barcelona restaurant is a break from The Picky Glutton’s usual London-based coverage. Barcelona has more than its fair share of fine dining restaurants, but even in such a large city it’s possible to stumble upon some gems and Gelonch may well be one of them. It’s a small restaurant located on … Continue reading

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Archipelago review – zebra and scorpion for lunch

Grizzly gourmet or gastronomic gimmicks? Most business lunches are rather staid affairs full of talk about quarterly results and brand actualisation strategies, but one sure-fire way to spice it up a little is to have it at Archipelago, a smaller, rather unusual restaurant in Fitzrovia just around the corner from the BT Tower. Archipelago is … Continue reading

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The Triangle review – Kangaroo and crocodile meat in north London

Eclectic dishes served in style London is a huge city which makes getting around seem like an Antarctic trek compared to more compact cities. On the up side, London’s huge expanse means you’re likely to find interesting restaurants in the most unlikely of places. The Triangle is a case in point. This stylish restaurant serving … Continue reading